Road cross

By: houseoftherose

May 11 2011

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Road cross

image by Hilma

text by rose marie

May 11, 2011

Road cross and cross roads (this link will guide you to our website).

Both are indicative of what comes together from the various directions and where one will be heading to…..!

The center being the present, from which to look back to where you have come from and to look forward, so that you can decide where to be heading next. Doesn’t it feel at this very moment that every minute of our lives we are to make these decisions? To me it does at least: like there is only the now in which to look back on what brought me here and not being able to be sure about the next step to take….

Often, just based on instinct/intuition/gut feeling, whichever label you attach to it, I find myself turning into this direction or the next…. not knowing what lies ahead nor really caring about it that much, either.

It is like everything is holding it’s breath because something major is to unfold.

Many of the the stone crosses like the one in the image of today, are to be found in the area of where we work with our groups. They are typically located on cross roads and on high energy places and one can say that they are the antenna’s that provide celestial energy and guidance needed to continue on the chosen path. They also confirm that you are on the right track. You can leave messages behind for fellow travelers, so that you can make them aware of conditions, pitfalls or anything else that is valuable to them. Sharing the experience and creating more awareness. This is mainly the essence of what I experience when coming ‘a-cross’ another one of those mystical human objects in the vast nature of these lands in Southern France. And the thought about the people that have been going this path before me and will follow after I have gone on, makes you feel connected through time and space.


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