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May 06 2011

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Category: contemplation, emergence, Kairos, nature, pyrenees

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Image by Hilma
text by rose marie
May 6, 2011

It has been quite a while since I last blogged.
This had to do with activities that took over completely, one of which was getting our new website up and running ….

This process is almost finished and for anybody interested, I invite them to check it out, knowing that there are some finishing touches to be applied still.

Our balance in action program is prominently featured on our new website

www.pro-sectio-aurea.com, as well as a new product which finds it’s way into the incentive market for businesses, by the name of Kairos, which stands for “the right time” and which is different from Chronos in the sense that all things come together, and synchronicity happens.
One of the major focus points at this time is, that people are really getting into the “year 2012” issue and one of the villages in Southern France is getting it’s share of fame from that.

This village is Bugarach, with it’s famous mountain of the same name.

It was already a well-known mountain because of the author Jules Vernes’ book Voyage to the center of the earth.
When climbing this mountain you will get a very special feel of this area and something will shift … and that is different for each and every person.

We all know that we come down from that mountain, a changed person …..


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