image by Hilma

text by rose marie

April 9, 2011

While in the midst of re-doing our website, which feels like re-inventing ourselves, nature around us is exploding into a full blossom spectacle. Temperatures have shifted from one moment to the next into the summer spectrum. Windows and doors are fully opened to let the outside air, sparkling and alive, inside and to get the winter chill and dusty air move out of our homes. It almost feels like life around us has taken a new direction…

Birds are chirping happily, the donkey is waking us up every morning with it’s welcome for the day and the little goats are hopping around in their pasture. This kind of energy is quite moving if you take the time to immerse into it.

The quality of it is also very energizing and invigorating and makes you want to shed off some of the lethargy that has covered us during those still winter months  Out … out …out, is the inner cry .

As is shown on today’s image, taken in April 2009 in the garden of the Notre Dame de Marceille church in Limoux, the clarity and the purity of this time of the year is thick.

I am sure you want to experience this as well and you can, when you join us in our program.


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