From muddy waters …

By: houseoftherose

Apr 02 2011

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Category: contemplation, emergence, flowers, freedom, nature, pyrenees, travel

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Focal Length:18.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

image by Hilma

text by rose marie

April 2, 2011

Quiet Saturday morning. The world is waking up to the sound of exuberant birds and glorious sunshine. The night still hovers over the grass in the fields where a thin layer of ground mist is sharing the brilliance of itself with the spectator.

Today I share with you a picture taken on a summer day in the center of the Pyrenees at one of our favorite places: a garden of a fine restaurant in a historical building: the summer house of a Duke.

Thoughts and visions pop up while looking at the pond and the lilies and fish in it. Visions of the persons who have stood here in days gone by, and doing the same thing that I am doing: looking and thinking.

What were they thinking about? And then your head gets still, no more thoughts. Just the connection. In that stillness of contemplation there is space for emergence. Just like in the pond there is the space for the water lilies to emerge and for the fish to swim: thoughtless, just flowing with what is coming their way. Doing what is within their potential: flowering for the lily and swimming around for the fish.

Shouldn’t we be doing that as well? Just go with the flow and show our flower, based upon our potential? Isn’t it time to stop running around and get still to create the space to emerge and live up to our potential? Share this with us while joining on our tour in the  South of France. We welcome you!


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