By: houseoftherose

Mar 30 2011

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Category: celebration, flowers, freedom, nature, pyrenees, travel

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Focal Length:18.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

image by Hilma

content by rose marie

March 30, 2011

Wednesday: market day in many of the villages in the area.

People here are very much into growing their own food and into sustainable living. The rural environment is certainly very helpful in that respect.

Now, after the winter storms have passed, everybody is going into their lands to collect all dry wood to stock it for the winters to come, thereby also making sure that the cause for wild fires later on in the season is minimized.

The plots of land in use for growing vegetables are seething with sprouts and new plant life, while all trees are turning from grayish brown to a sparkling green. Meadows are yellow with dandelions. Horses are happily running their territory while shaking their manes and shedding off their winter hair. Little lambs are grazing lazily and playing with their peaceful mother sheep.

In other words: Abundance all around. At the same time there is attention because something is being communicated to us, but it is not yet clear what it is. Do you feel more alert than usual? I know I do. Let’s share …..


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