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By: houseoftherose

Mar 24 2011

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Life goes on ....

March 24, 2011

by rose marie

Everywhere you look, new life is expressing itself in nature.

Leafs are budding out of tree branches, birds are busy building nests, flowers are exploding out of the soil and all kinds of animal life is sharing their new-born beauty with us.

Our man made world sometimes looks like nothing new is being born and it feels like everything is on a standstill.

Nature, on the other hand, just goes on with what it is supposed to be doing: generating more and new life in order to sustain the existing qualities, while at the same time supporting evolution.

Looking backward and learning from what has happened, we should be open for the next step in our evolution as well.

It will most probably not be like anything that we can imagine just right now but we might find out little by little what lies waiting for us.

Wonder and miracles shall be our part. I am looking forward to the next creative step…..

Join us in our creativity enhancing tour through the  South of France.


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