Spring: a time for renewal …..

By: houseoftherose

Mar 23 2011

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Spring power

March 23, 2011

image made by Hilma

text by rose marie

A couple of days into the spring season and the weather is of a quality that energizes all the plants, the birds, the insects, the people, the moods and it might even be beneficial to all big processes of change that our earth is going through at this very moment.

We have been seeing, hearing, sensing, and are maybe even inhaling everything that has been going on in different parts of the world. With our limited perception of what is possible and why some processes take place we oftentimes are very skeptical (to say the least) of what is going on and are very critical of people who are forced by their circumstances, to deal with what we perceive as being bad, or destructive or whatever negatively charged words we may be using to describe what is going on.

What is certain is, that some things are coming to a crashing halt and other things are coming to the surface .

This provides us with new insights and new ways of looking  and seeing “what is”. Some are obvious and others are not because of our innate restrictions. It may be wise at times to not make judgements right away, but to step back, to observe and then look for the potential of what is being manifested. We are all holding our breath because something new is about to see the light…..

welcome to spring 2011,

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4 comments on “Spring: a time for renewal …..”

  1. Love this post! I am so thrilled for Spring!

  2. With spring already here and the longer days ahead of us it is the best set up for a fresh start…in whatever you, me and everyone else is doing!

    Nice post! Just one small suggestion – the blue-coloured text is a bit hard to read, maybe you should change it with something else 🙂

    Have a nice day!

    • Dear Marin,
      Thank you for your comment; have changed the color for easy reading. Useful remark…. will check you rblog as well. Greetings from France…

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