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Feb 25 2011

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Pézenas, city of Molière

Southern France and it’s medieval cities; travel with us and visit them

photo by Hilma, text by rose marie

February 25, 2011

Some days it is harder to get inspiration for the daily blog than on others.

What I do mostly, is open up my pictures folder and browse through all the beautiful images that are there. And then one just stands out on that day and is, if even for a short time, the chosen one.

Today I felt like taking this picture of a stairway in one of the most beautiful properties in Pézenas: Hotel de Lacoste. This city that is made famous by a French author, who, although born in Paris as Jean Baptiste Poquelin, made his way to fame as Molière from Pezenas.

Pézenas is a remarkable example of the French cities close to the mediterranean sea with a very moderate climate al year round. There are lots of Café’s and Brasseries for outside lunches. You will find many well kept grand buildings in narrow streets, opening into plaza’s.

Just to walk in these fairly small, cosy cities is a real delight. So many things to see and to experience …. so jump on the bandwagon!


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