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Feb 22 2011

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Nature walks in the Pyrenees:

photo by Hilma, text by rose marie

February 22, 2011

The photo of today’s blog is dated: January 8 earlier this year.

The picture was taken from a spot in nature opposite of the famous Pog of Montsegur, where one of the most famous Cathar castles is situated on the very peak of this natural bulge . Because of the leafless trees, the castle is visible from along the paths through this pristine environment.

We were quite surprised to find the snowdrops already at that early day in the new year. It added a special sense to the surroundings: the old cross on it’s little hill top surrounded by hundreds of snowdrops… it was made more special still by budding out at the time they did and we were so lucky to be part of that.

Montsegur holds a special place within the Cathar history because of the way the Cathars made their choice and walked together, singing, into the pyres that were prepared for them to “burn at the stakes” .

There is a lot of information available on the internet with regards to Montsegur and it’s Cathar history but personally visiting the little town with it’s museum and church and the Castle itself, high on it’s cliff, will beat anything you might read about it.

Therefore: welcome to travel along with us to Montsegur:


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