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Feb 21 2011

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Category: art, celebration, emergence, freedom, Kairos, nature, paradigm shift, pyrenees, travel

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Focal Length:18.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Alette les Bains

connecting with nature: www.balance-in-action.com

photo taken by Hilma, text by rose marie

February 21, 2011

Another fine day in the Aude. The new week has started and nature is regaining more momentum day after day.

Cherry tress are already blossoming. Shrubs are showing their first sign of green sprouting out. Emergence all around……

This morning, while performing the normal household tasks, the feeling amidst all of this emerging new life was: aren’t we all just an expression of the Divine and what a glorious feeling that is….. if we could only hold on to this feeling and not let it get disturbed by our ego drive, by our wanting to be right, by our wanting to look and be good , by anything that is holding us back from living this expression … then we would have arrived in the land of milk and honey.

One way or another, although a big part of our world is in turmoil right now, it feels like the voice of this inner drive for each and every person’s right to being and living their own expression of the Divine, is getting a voice that wants to be heard.

Never before have people, in their diversity, been so steadfastly pointing into the same direction as right now. And what to me is the most fascinating is, that in the Arab world, women are out there as well and making their voice being heard. Change is coming fast and it will be a more peaceful one than it has ever been thought possible. To me this is mainly due to the new social media available on internet. Governments are losing their hold on what news is being spread into the world and so they are losing their grip over fear. It is so obvious, looking at the video’s taken with phones and small cameras and spread around the world. They offer us images of the reality as it is, not what others want us to believe and with which they want to continue with their fear mongering….. Our own personal nature is taking back it’s rightful spot into the scheme of life……

welcome to the emergence….. www.balance-in-action.com/emergence.php


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