Art in windows

By: houseoftherose

Feb 19 2011

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Limoux Church

come and see these beautiful glass stained windows for yourself: tours

photo by Hilma, text  by rose marie

Februari 19, 2011

From my little French book about the famous French Cathedrals named “Les Batisseurs de Cathedrales” by Jean Gimpel, I translate the very first line in English:

In a time span of 3 centuries, from 1050 till 1350, millions of tons of stones have been quarried to build 80 Cathedrals, 500 big churches and a couple of thousand of village churches.

The picture above is a photo taken of one of the stained glass windows in one of these 500 big churches: the St. Martin church in the city of Limoux, the center of the Haute Vallee in the Aude department. As such it is part of our travel itinerary.

The beauty of these stained windows, which you can find in most churches in this region, are beyond our conception of the people’s abilities during the middle Ages. These windows are masterly made, with great attention for detail. Each one of them is a story in itself. They are truly pieces of art.

The level of art and culture were, at the period mentioned, at an all-high in the greater region around Toulouse. This big city was the center of Middle Europe and was very liberal and tolerant. Because of that, the mastery of the various forms of art had reached that very high level and most of it is available to us still…

This is definitely worth a visit:


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