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Feb 18 2011

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Bugarach from Le Bezu

This picture is taken on a very clear day, just last week …. this is how beautiful the Aude can be in winter :

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by rose marie

February 18, 2011

Last week we had a glorious clear winter day which we used to hike up the Templar site at St. Just et Le Bezu in the Aude department in Southern France.

From this spot you have a grand view 360 degrees around, to all close-by interesting points like Rennes le Chateau and Pech Cardou. But the one that is prominent and most striking is the Bugarach.

This solitary mountain, of over 1400 m high, is famous not only because of being the location for the novel by the hand of Jules Verne : Journey to the Center of the Earth, but is also locally famous for being a portal.

The high energy levels are noticeable and a lot of stories and mysteries  are being told about this spectacular mountain. The internet has a lot of interesting sites that can give you all kinds of details about these stories and mysteries.

Fact is: you can climb up to it’s very peak and there you will have a true “peak experience”.

This majestical natural phenomenon is absolutely worth a visit and when partaking in our travel you will be given this opportunity.

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2 comments on “Portal”

  1. Wow!! Keep up the good work to reveal little by little the amazing secrets of this fascinating area. Hope you will have many many people to share it with.

    • Hi Tonia, thank you for your up lifiting comment on my blog today. It is the intention indeed to show what treasures this area is holding for any one to see….

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