Spring Special Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Cathedral Barcelona

Yesterday we wrote about our Spring Special tour of Southern France / Spain, where we gave a short description of Monestary of the Black Madonna in Montserrat. Today’s Blog is about Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. First of all it is the last Cathedral that is in the process of being built. The construction is on the way for 60 years and will take another 20 before it will be completely finalized. It is so impressive in its details and ornaments. Come and see for yourself in our Spring Special (2 – 12 April 2011), where we also will be visiting Dali Museum in Figueres (see Blog 12-2-2011) and Beautiful Heritage Sites in France.

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Neo-Gothic Meets Art Nouveau: Soaring Towers that stands today is a mix of the original neo-gothic style and Gaudi’s unorthodox, surreal embellishments with current adaptations. It is a massive structure with eight, soaring stone spires, rising 100 meters into the sky. The current towers represent the apostles, crowned with bright gold statues. The completed Basilica will have 18 total towers; twelve for each of the apostles, four representing the evangelists, one for the Virgin Mary, and the tallest tower devoted to Jesus Christ.

From a distance, the stone towers resemble gigantic sand castles gone awry, but up close, a visitor can appreciate the colorful, Gaudi-inspired details. The tops of the towers are embellished with colorful mosaics and branded with Christian inspired messages such as, Hosanna and Excelsis. At night, the soaring Sagrada Familia spires are ablaze with golden light dominating the Barcelona skyline.

The Three Facades –

The Sagrada Familia is decorated with three cut out facades, on the east, west and south, decorated with surreal, block-like statues. The Nativity facade on the east side was completed in 1936, and is a study in the birth of Christ, complete with a tall spire topped with a cypress tree and statues of pelicans and angels holding chalices. The western Passion Facade depicts the suffering of Christ with modernistic statues by artist, Josep Maria Subirach. The southern Glory Façade is not completed.

The Interior –
The interior of the Sagradia is unfinished, but a visitor can visit the crypt of Antoni Gaudi and view some museum exhibits about the project and its construction. Instead of climbing the steep and narrow stairs it is recommended to take an elevator to the top of the Nativity and Passion Facades for an up-close view of the remarkable vision of Christianity through the eyes of Gaudi.

Visit the Sagrada Familia official website here

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