Life is Breath (and it is the pattern that connects)

By: houseoftherose

Feb 15 2011

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breathtaking view around Rennes le Chateau

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by rose marie

February 15, 2011

All of a sudden it was clear: all of us humans on this globe are but a breath taken by mother Earth:

Let’s look at breath first: there is emptiness and then our lungs start to expand making it easy for air to get in and fill up the space generated by this expansion. Then when the lungs are more or less filled, there is this moment of balance, nothing is happening…. . The contraction of the lungs sends out the air and empties the space within and creates another moment of emptiness before the next inhaling movement starts again.

This pattern repeats itself all the time but it is never the same… Depending on the stress, the energy being required or the action that is going on, the breath is superficial, or very fast, or very shallow, or very deep, or very disturbed.

Now how does this compare with life: we start our life from emptiness, then we learn and adapt and we expand and grow and gain until the moment comes where we stand still to observe how far we have come. Life can be very superficial and shallow, or fast, or deep, or disturbed. In mid-life there might be a feeling of contentment at what has been accomplished or what is going fine. Or we find that we want to change things.

Then we have to start letting go of our youth, vitality, beauty, possessions, and thoughts and reactions that we have acquired through the first part of our life so that we can get back to this emptiness, where there will be a short pause again and a next life is being generated by Mother Earth.The wave-like movement of this pattern is the same throughout the universe. The great Gregory Bateson said it already:

it is the pattern that connects

Each of us play an important role in continuing this pattern because you cannot skip breathing nor can mother earth stop generating life.

What a glorious and empowering feeling this is…


2 comments on “Life is Breath (and it is the pattern that connects)”

  1. Breathtaking! This area is pure magic!

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