Limoux Carnival

By: houseoftherose

Feb 13 2011

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Carnival in Limoux

For the revelers amongst us: you can be part of this: when joining on one of our tours…….

by rose marie

February 13, 2011

Today I wish to share some local news and information and this time it is about a very old but joyous tradition: Carnival in Limoux. Underneath is information copied from the official website. Our own experience of these festivities are just superficial; we have only observed it but never participated in it.

The Carnaval of Limoux in Languedoc-Roussillon runs from January 30th to April 10th, 2011, making it the world’s longest running carnival. It takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 4:30pm and 10pm and on Mardi Gras in the Place de la Republique.

But as they stress, this is not a carnival like the others. What they have presented over the decades is a real folklore celebration. So the spectator becomes part of the performance, and it is sometimes slightly sinister, sometimes hilarious. But it is different.

Bands playing traditional music and playing trumpets, clarinets, basses, double basses and bass drums are led by the bandes de carnavaliers (bands of revelers) through the arcades of this pretty and ancient town. The traditional costumes are spectacular and include the Pierrot, the goudil which can run from the ordinary to the most noble, though always with a tongue-in-cheek touch, and the classic black domino, decorated with satin bands of bright sparkling colors.

The whole city square is covered with layers of confetti and people gather to have a snack and a glass of wine together and in general the atmosphere is festive. The band is playing quite well and in the course of the afternoon,  after each stop at the next ‘watering hole’, the quality gets not necessarily better but more hilarious….. something not to be missed when in the area….


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