The Emergence of Balance in Action

By: houseoftherose

Feb 11 2011

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Fontaine des Amours, Rennes les Bains


By Hilma, February 11, 2011


A New Kind of Power: Co-creativity, Whole Brain Functioning

We are awakening to and cultivating a new, co-creative, whole brain functioning, which includes more right brain ways of power and being.
Right brain functioning: integrates and includes all the gains of ‘masculine power’, giving us access to a kind of co-creativity we’ve never seen in our recorded history. Most of us have had few or no models for this kind of co-creative power and have no idea how to start to begin to cultivate it.
The power we have been mastering for the last decades to shape the world has been a ‘masculine’ version of power

Until now, power has been defined exclusively in masculine terms. If you look up the word “power” in the dictionary, the definition given is the ability “to do, to act, to accomplish, to wield, command or control over others”.

This masculine power system has given us the miracles of  and the marvels of industry. It has enabled us to create an unprecedented standard of living and have opportunities beyond our grandparents’ wildest dreams.

It’s an odd paradox that the kind of power that has brought us to this point is not the power that we now need to move forward.

Indeed, if we look at what’s missing from our lives and from our world we can see that the things we most deeply desire—such as connection, collaboration, belonging, creativity, self-expression, aliveness, meaning, purpose, contribution, love, intimacy, and a brighter future for generations to come—can’t be created with a system of power based on control, analysis and logical, linear thinking, nor can they be executed with a strategic plan.

To create these qualities we need to awaken a different kind of power. This ‘power’ is only accessed when we ‘relax’ deeper, trusting the flow of life…
In the ‘Balance and Action Travel Experience’ we will explore and reconnect with the archetype of the Co-Creator (= right brain). An archetype that is still so much alive in myths, art, architecture, certain places in the foot hills of the Pyrenees in Southern France. Come and join us in the process of ‘awakening to the power to self evolve and to self express’.

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