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By: houseoftherose

Feb 11 2011

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Category: art, contemplation, emergence, nature

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majestically floating

by rose marie

February 11, 2011,

The mist is slowly dissolving and the sun is breaking through… again a sunny day is there for the taking and living.
Realizing that this is all there is for this moment, an immediate realization of the presence of a certain state of FLOW is there.

And as always the words of Abraham Hicks come to my mind:

“going down streams with the flow is the way we are supposed to live… nobody has said that we should constantly try to make our way upstream … “

Life is like the wind: it will flow from a high pressure area to a lower pressure area to regain balance. The whole universe is constantly moving towards a certain point of balance just to get into another flow to get into a new state of balance.
This is exactly what our travel product Balance in Action Travel is all about.

Constantly seeking the most effortless, natural way of finding balance to get to another balance and the next.
Knowing that a continuous state of balance is not life, but the flow in going towards it, to reach it and then again to let it go, is LIFE.

Find out about flow and training on our website: www.balance-in-action.com/flow.php


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