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By: houseoftherose

Feb 08 2011

Category: contemplation, flowers, nature, pyrenees

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by rose marie

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The day starts again with a fog but turns into another cloudless sunny day in the South of France.
Living here in the Aude for the last 2 years has opened us up for the capacity of slow living; life in the slow lane makes you more aware of your immediate environment, for the opportunities that arise while not actively searching for it.
The necessity for a lot of things diminishes and your needs are getting less and less and the wanting is seldom there. It feels like contentment is more pertinent.
In a couple of weeks all roses will start to blossom and the world around us will manifest in it’s natural perfection.
Most people here have lots of roses around their homes and this makes this region look like the original paradise.. Do you wish to share? Contact us for a “Kairos travel experience” arrangement at our website


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