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Feb 07 2011

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Category: contemplation, emergence, madonna, pyrenees

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sisters in their cloister yard

by rose marie

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another glorious sunny day is slowly coming to an end.

Time to ponder over this day and the lessons to be learned from it.
One of them is that commitment is a very powerful vehicle to bring all kinds of endeavors to fruition. The other very important aspect is devotion.

One may encounter dragons and beasts along the way to give birth to what is emerging but we need not slaughter them. These dragons and beasts are the challenge that we need in order to grow.
We can respect them for what they are, and see them for the fear that lives within us.
Being aware that our emotions are most often based on the powerful hold of fear on us, diminishes the effect of it already.
Although mentally one may know that this is true, when being put on the spot, it is hard to forego this pattern because it is so ingrained in our being.
I wish myself good luck with overcoming this fear trap to find the freedom instead…. and of course this wish is there for everybody who is ready to make a similar choice….
Let’s connect with the commitment and devotion needed in order to get this process going.


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