Contemplation – part 2

By: houseoftherose

Feb 04 2011

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Category: nature, pyrenees

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by rose marie

Friday, February 4, 2011

This morning the sun rose with power. Like switching on the lights at a theater stage.

And then you wonder: what is it that makes you so much more alive and eager when this is the case. What is it that for most people grey weather is less enchanting?
Could it be that the life force of the sun is reflecting in our minds and hearts, invoking them to grow and expand?
Could it be that the sun switches on our own internal lights, our own internal sun?
Plants, birds, animals all react immediately to these bursts of energy. People are more outgoing and willing to take on challenges. The world does not look so harsh anymore.

Looking for the sun outside while not seeing the sun inside is a nice thought to sit with for a while. We all are the sun and we all shine our own light.

Our slow travel tour in France provides the tools to (re) connect with our own inner sun and to feel the comfort and ease it generates at all times:

the power of the sun


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