Starting all over again

By: houseoftherose

Feb 03 2011

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Category: art, nature, pyrenees

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Chinese new year, new moon …
February 3, 2011: another chinese new year and of course new moon….
The moment where all things get a fresh start. The world is in turmoil, at least this is how it is being perceived.
Personally I am glad that things are changing in the world to the level that the people themselves are letting their leaders know what is acceptable and what does not work anymore.
It is old wisdom that says that people get the government they deserve/want.
Going back a couple of thousands of years the druids and Celts always choose their kings/leaders and these kings/leaders were considered to be the servants of the people they were leading. It was a honorable but at the same time a humble role to play for the Chosen One.
It now looks like we are demanding to get back this decisive autonomy in choosing who we want to follow. It expresses free will and freedom with everything that comes with it: responsibility and mindfulness …

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starting anew - again and again


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